European Dollhouse Furniture Set
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The kitchen includes an island and a table with two stools. The floor is a private area with a large mattress with a set of pillows acting as a bed and bath with standing battery. The room has a bench, where you can comfortably put away clothes or towel.

The living-room equipment involves a sofa with pillows, an armchair, a coffee table and sideboard. Above the living-room there is a terrace with 2 deckchairs.

Furniture is made of plywood and wood, and painted with certified water paints (safe for children). Cushions are filled with anty-allergy insert, and filling of the mattress is professional upholstery foam. Natural fabrics were used: wool felt (not polyester), 100% cotton. These are renewable raw materials suitable for recycling.

due to delicate small parts, it is recommended for children over 6 years.


- white bath with standing battery (nickel-plated steel)
- blue bench
- felt bed
- set of 3 turquoise cushions
- kitchen table with 2 stools
- kitchen island
- blue bookcase with 5 shelves, behind which wallpaper in white and gray stripes was glued- blue coffee table
- double sofa bed, cover with gray wool felt
- armchair upholstered in wool felt
- 2 folding deckchairs with 3-way adjustable height
- low table on the terrace (white cube)

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