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Niwaki Mini Shears

Mini Shears, for mini-jobs. Great for tight spots and small-scale topiary where you need a bit more control - and fab for grass edging. Nice red grippy rubber sleeves over the oak handle.

Keep them clean - dirty shears clog and the blades stick.

Niwaki Shears and Loppers are made in Sanjo in the same factory as the Nata, by a family business renowned for merging traditional blacksmithing methods with more efficient production techniques. It’s a busy place and there’s always something going on.



Beautifully and intentionally designed, Niwaki gardening tools are rooted in Japanese gardening traditions. 

Niwaki means garden tree. Not very exciting, but it implies far more than that. Japanese gardens are landscapes, microcosms of nature, and the trees are all shaped to fit into those landscapes - there’s an awful lot of artistry and cultural baggage in there too.


SK Stainless steel

Japanese White Oak handles


Made in Sanjo, Japan

Keep them clean, and keep them sharp. We say that about everything, but it’s never truer than with shears.


14.5" x 5.5" x 1" / 371 x 143 x 26mm

2" / 125mm blades