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Lady Anne Coffee Pot Silver

Walking lithely, an elegant, sophisticated woman enters a modern, high-tech environment where everything is essential and functional. Her timeless beauty fits perfectly in any context, her presence stands out for originality, it is noticeable, it captures everybody’s attention. Coffee is the sine qua non of the Italian lifestyle. The coffee maker, a project interpreted and styled countless times by designers in Italy and abroad, finds in Lady Anne the charm of tradition, which is deeply rooted in the collective imagination, combined with the contemporary appeal of classical forms. 



It may be debatable but we sense that coffee does in fact taste even better when made in a stylish and sophisticated manner. This is precisely what you get with the Lady Anne Coffee Pot. 



Made of Aluminum Bakelite

Works on all stovetops except induction. Do not use it in the microwave.

Clean with a soft sponge, warm water, and a gentle detergent. Be careful to not scratch the surface. Coffee can cause corrosion on the alumnium so be sure to clean out the pot after each use. 



Size: 4 cups 

Dimensions (in): W 5.91 x D 5.91 x H 7.87

Dimensions (cm): W 15 x D 15 x H 20