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Injiri, meaning “real India”, references a historical textile trade that exported to West Africa back in the 18th century.  Inspired by this cultural heritage Chinar Farooqi launched the Injiri clothing brand in 2009. Each Injiri garment reminds us of the true beauty of the hand-weaving processes, telling a story of India's dynamic textile history in a reflective journey throughout generations. India, across her length and breadth, has been the land of extraordinary hand-woven fabrics. Each textile relates directly to the time and location from where the fibers were grown and spun. Characteristics reflect the culture of each region in multifarious styles, colors, textures, and unique features. The Injiri brand works closely with master weavers and their rich textile vocabulary, bringing intangible human heritage into each design. The stories start with the curation and study of old textiles, which showcase the craft in its purest form. Each textile possesses a unique code or language pertaining to the geographical location where it was made. For instance, one has a durable selvage built to protect the fabric for generations of usage, and another is expressed in an intricate motif that reveals the identity of the soil where the fiber was grown.  The Injiri story celebrates a fabric of life, from the cultural history to the design's inception; the very fibers of each yarn to the beautiful hand-made garment available now to you.
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