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50ml Extrait De Parfum

A collection of fragrances evoking the tangible in a world of sensory intangibles.


Extrait de parfum is rich, dense, and long-lasting on the skin.


All CURIONOIR fragrances are applied directly to the skin bringing an experience back to an age we have forgotten.

50ml glass bottle with glass stopper.


To apply Extrait De Parfum, hold the bottle in your hand securely with your thumb over the glass stopper, invert the bottle allowing the fragrance to coat the inside of the stopper. Twist the stopper to remove it, and apply to skin using the in a circular motion. Resecure the stopper by placing it on top of the bottle, and twisting as you gently press it down.


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Earth and citrus!

Notes: Orange flower, cypress, jasmine, vetiver

The undergrowth of a citrus orchard is earthy, sharp and sweet!


 A lingering after scent from a smocked tobacco pipe.

notes: sage, coriander, dried tobacco leaves, elemi, amber, musk

Inspired by the sweet musky after scent from a smoked tobacco pipe lingering one thick summer night, conjuring memories of leather-bound books and an innocent time one loved.


Intense gaze, smoke, and paint.

notes: lemon, frankincense, freesia, mimosa, Cuban tobacco leaves, coriander, vanilla absolute, tonka beans

Pablo, not Picasso.

This is burnt bougainvillea on a heavy humid evening.

This is the sun, in its setting,

turning everything to blood

this is for Paulo,

(not Claude, not Maya, or Paloma.)

This is for the hushed quiet,

the forbidden,

the forgotten.



Lured by the call of Orpheus.

notes: carnation, fig, blond tobacco, pimento leaves, tonka bean absolute, heliotrope, licorice, musk, oris.

A modern myth translating one's inner desire to transform and reconnect with nature. Lured by the beckoning call, Orpheus incarnate.

415 AD


Hypatia's surroundings.

notes of tomato leaves, rosemary, grapefruit, Iranian galbanum, Somalian olibanum, agarwood, myrrh, vetiver, siam benzoin.

Hypatia, the female philosopher, astronomer, and mathematician. All ingredients in this green and resinous fragrance were available on March 8th, 415ad, the day Hypatia met her death.