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Nymphenburg Cork Lion

Handpainted porcelain lion cork designed by Franz Xaver Lorch.

All lions are the same? Nothing of the sort. Twenty different variants of what is probably the most famous symbol of Bavaria can be found in the collection of the manufactory alone. The majestic heraldic animal plays a role in the history of Nymphenburg in two ways: On the one hand, it is brings to mind Bavarian culture and the location of the manufacture, on the other hand, the lion also a symbol of the Wittelsbach house and its rule.

This miniature lion, just nine centimeters tall, delights the observer with its unique artistic power. The execution of the eyes, ears, muzzle and paws, after Franz Xaver Lorch's design, is so meticulous that this practical bottle stopper is also a miniature masterpiece.

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Few other manufacturers offer as much opulence and a wealth of motifs in their decors as Nymphenburg. Nymphenburg works freehand, without stencils. It can take up to 15 years before an “apprentice” can fully execute their complex designs.



Handmade in Munich, Germany

Designer: Franz Xaver Lorch



1.2in x 1.2in x 3.15in / 3cm long x 3cm deep x 8cm high