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commitment to children


with the change of the dollar and the globalization of the garment industry since our
company's inception in 1998, flora and henri has faced many critical business decisions. the
canadian production of the early years of our brand became no longer feasible without the
prices to our customers becoming outrageous. in looking to solve our production issues, we
have worked to find industry that could benefit women and children in developing areas, while
teaching a fine handwork trade that could support and allow women the ability to garner an
independent wage. in the case of our knit production in nepal, the proceeds from this
production facility go directly to support associated orphanages. please visit the attached pages
to learn more about the production choices we have made.


in addition to our own creations, we have been buying products into our stores from Bebe
Ravi, a kenyan knitting operation that is also committed to sustaining the women in this area
with a marketable trade and using a portion of the proceeds to support an associated orphanage.
in 2006, after visiting kenya, flora and henri partnered with the Kageno organization working
to find ways to allow areas devastated by AIDS to sustain and support itself and the orphans in
its care. visit our rusinga island page to learn more about the event we held in support of these