our catalogue




the flora and henri catalogue appears twice a year presenting the spring/summer

or fall/winter collection. the travelbook has taken our kids and crew to different

destinations and on extraordinary adventures over the years.


you can view the entire collection on line at www.florahenri.com

if you, or someone you know, would like to receive our catalogue,

please join our mailing list or call (888) 749 9698.


our photographer
since 2009 flora and henri has worked with seattle based photographer kate baldwin.

with over ten years in the photography business, kate baldwin has developed an

uncanny ability to bring warmth, intelligence and depth to every project.


from 2006 until 2009 flora and henri has worked with renowned san francisco-based

photographer stephanie rausser. stephanie, her husband and two kids live in petaluma,

california, and stephanie creates amazing images wherever she goes.



flora and henri worked with noted photographer philip newton from 1998 to 2006. philip

and his children (often some of our star models) live in seattle, and philip shoots

beautiful pictures all over the world. www.philipnewtonphoto.com


our kids
the children featured in the flora and henri catalogue live in seattle and are part of the

large flora and henri community of family and friends. they bring the spirit and energy

that make our books what they are, and give our clothes their special sparkle. to them

we are forever indebted.


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