Bresciani Women's Cashmere Silk Socks Dark Brown

Indulge in the softest Italian socks. Sized socks for a better fit, produced in Italy with precious Himalayan cashmere. The Brescani sock is the best sock for those who wish a warm, luxurious comfort. 



The philosophy of Bresciani 1970 is basically based on two words: quality and comfort. All of our collections are developed following these two guiding principles. It all starts with the selection of the best and exclusive raw materials available on the market, which takes place through continuous research and experimentation. The production is developed with “old-fashioned” methods, supported by the best and most up-to-date technology. 12 manual steps finish and pack the product carefully, making each piece unique.



70% cashmere 30 % silk

Mid calf ribbed sock

Made in Italy

Machine wash warm; tumble dry low 



small: approximately 8.5in heel to toe; US women's 5-7

medium: approximately 9in heel to toe; US women's 8-10