Essential Aroma Oil Lamp White

No17 Therapy's Aroma Oil Lamp for essential aroma oils comes with smooth glaze of handmade porcelain. The top part can be removed when filling with water and oil or when cleaning - this is especially practical if the aroma lamp is still on or warm. The aroma lamp from No17 Therapy is delivered in a nice white box, which can be used to store the aroma lamp or other small things, such as the fragrant essential oils or body oils from No17 Therapy. The aroma lamp from No17 Therapy is the healthy and clean alternative to e.g. scented candles, as the oil does not come into contact with any fire and combustion, thereby avoiding the emission of harmful particles into your home



No17 Therapy is based on the insight that nature can be more than just something green outside the window. Nature is a luxury that everyone can enjoy, in which one can find pleasure and enjoyment in the form of calmness and soothing scent impressions. No17 developed aroma oil-based products of the highest quality - handmade and organic - which enable you to find peace and enjoyment in an otherwise hectic reality.



Based in Denmark

Shake the aroma oil bottle thoroughly and drip a few drops into the water on an Aroma Lamp.

We recommend our aroma lamp for larger rooms such as living rooms and living rooms, while the Fragrance Box with the lava stone is good for placing by the bedside table, in the bathroom or in an entrance hall.  


4" x 3.5"