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Ciqi Gordon Almond Reader

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It maintains the clean impression on the front, while adding depth to maintain a balance of strength, suppleness and design. The linear bridge makes the frame look neat and clean while enhancing the roundness of the frame. At first glance, it looks edgy and familiar, and as your first pair of round eyeglasses, you should definitely choose this pair. The Gordon in the type name is the British duo "Peter&Gordon" who were active in the 1960s. Originated from. A soft case is included in the assortment 

Ciqi is influenced from the word “miru,” a Japanese word
for “to look,” “to see,” “to observe,” or “to watch.”
We all experience derivative of “miru” daily,
and through that, we design colorful use of “vision.”

Filter 40% of blue light

100% UV protection 

Material : Plastic

Each pair comes with a beautiful leather case in unique color. Color of cases may vary from pair to pari. 

Ciqi was established in 1984 in Harajuku, Tokyo.