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Guest Hand Towel Blue Polka Dots

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Guest Hand Towel Honeycomb Polka Dots Jacquard

Very soft to the touch and highly absorbent, these honeycomb weave hammam guest towels with small polka dots bring a sophisticated european look to your home. The 100% cotton hand loomed hammamguest towels can be used as a guest towel, hand towel, kitchen towel, tea towel, napkin or as a place mat.


Scents and Feel combine Mediterranean tradition with contemporary lifestyle and produce an exotic and colorful mix of 100% natural hand woven textiles.


Sold individually.

Each natural cotton fiber come together to create an irresistible product to use and our little secret is that…the more you use it, the softer it becomes.

Ideal to use as a hand towel in the bathroom, kitchen towel or oversized napkin.

Washing instructions: Machine wash cold and a few minutes in dryer cycle on delicate. 

It is recommended to wash it twice before using to get the best absorbency and softness.