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Mark's Style Tous Les Jours Mechanical Pencil

Mark’s Tous les Jour Mechanical Pencil provides a truly international writing experience. This Japanese import is printed with activity ideas for each day of the week—in French no less!

This pencil sports ultra fine, 0.5mm lead that makes it perfect for use as a mechanical pencil or for those with super fine handwriting. The shaft has a metal interior and wooden exterior giving it a light-as-a-feather, yet warm, hand-feel. The brass tip, push-button forwarding mechanism, and cheerfully pink eraser finish off the design. Available in a wide variety of fun colors, you’re sure to fine the perfect pen for tous vos jours.



The print on the barrel lists the days of the week in French with a suggestion of something to do on each day, like on Monday you should watch a film. And they recommend rounding out your week with a little trip on Saturday & Sunday!



.5mm lead
Made in Japan
available in 4 colors. 
includes an eraser