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The Living by Annie Dillard

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The Living by Annie Dillard

The Living is American author Annie Dillard's first novel, a historical fiction account of European settlers and a group of Lummi natives in late 19th century Washington published in 1992. 

"The kind of book a reader sinks into completely...The characters are so compelling, the setting so detailed, so convincing, so absolutely complete...The Living is an extraordinary accomplishment, one of those rare occasions when the written word results through the magic and talent of the author in the creation of the whole world." -- -- Boston Sunday Globe

"The Living is an impressive piece of fiction and a riveting hunk of history...The many readers who have been drawn in the past to Dillard's work for its elegant and muscular use of language won't be disappointed in these pages...She has given herself a landscape large enough to challenge her talents." -- -- Los Angeles Times

"A panoramic, hypnotic novel...A novel of character that blends history, social change and individual dreams in a sophisticated, seamless prose." -- -- Seattle Times

"An august celebration of human frenzy and endurance [and] invigorating, intricate first novel. Annie Dillard [shows a] tremendous gift for writing in a genuinely epic mode." -- -- New York Times Book Review

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