Flora and Henri come to Seattle!

post ~ September 30, 2016


How did it happen that one day in February I received the most charming of emails…


We are from Germany and the names of our children are: Flora and Henri! Henri is 7 and Flora 4. This summer we will be travelling along the West coast and we plan to stop by at your store around August 12. My wife discovered your website by coincidence.

We also have another daughter: Tilda (1 year) but you do not need to add her name to your store name :).


Yes, it is true that Flora and Henri (and Tilda) paid us a visit!

We are so honored to have come in contact with such a truly lovely family with a heart for connection and coincidence that matched ours. When they left Seattle, and not without Henri leaving me a beautiful gift of his own German carved wooden hand-puppets, (in honor of the Henri’s toys section of our website) we sent them off with swimsuits and playclothes for their RV adventure down the coast to San Francisco. Their father, clearly with a knack for the camera, captured some amazing photos to share with us:

We are so grateful for the connection of one Flora and Henri family with another. At the end of their visit, they met up with famed flora and henri photographer, Stephanie Rausser, in Petaluma to capture the moment. Stay tuned for our next post.

We are filled with such deep affection for the Gunter family!



post ~ May 20, 2016

Paris Inspired Greeting Cards!

post ~ April 22, 2016
new from
Ferme à Papier
design and stationery company based in San Francisco,
bringing artistic greeting cards that are eco-friendly, 100% PCW and Chlorine free.
Cat Seto is a San Francisco-based artist, author, shop-owner, and the founder / creative director of Ferme à Papier. She conceived of the Ferme collection when she visited Paris for the first time and was overtaken by the intimate architecture, chic Parisians donning plaid, and visits to bio-dynamic farms in the countryside.

Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed

Loving this collection of 'Dear Sugar' columns by the transcendent Cheryl Strayed.  Her wisdom, humor and compassionately sound advice on matters that span the heart and mind offer up a smart and quiet and thoughtful island in this ever changing, crazy making world.  

Soludos Espadrilles & the Inspiration of India

I can't get our new Soludos espadrilles on my feet fast enough this spring!  I love that wonderful feeling you get when the sun warms you up and gives you permission to slip on the new spring/summer styles.  

Just as I was daydreaming about which pair I was going to acquire, I came across this great article from Lonny on the founder of Soludos, Nick Brown.  It's his recent travel diary of India and I'll leave it here for you, read away and get inspired! 

Lillies and Leon Easter Love

So thrilled to have been a part of this beautiful family's Easter.  Thank you, Nicole, for the lovely post (click below to see the full story and photos)!  We simply adore your sweet kids in flora and henri!

Caron Callahan

This season, we have brought in a handful of select women's lines from boutique designers across the world to offer you even more amazing selections in our flora femme department.  

Never over done or complicated, Caron Callahan's collections are the perfect union of style and function. We find her women's separates to be so cool, so flattering and ever so easy to wear.    Take a look at these beautifully made pieces from her SS16 line, sure to become your closet's instant classics (I promise you be will reaching for them again and again)!

for even more Caron Callahan inspiration, follow her on Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest:





Spring is coming!

there is something in the air...

Sun Valley Enchantment!

post ~ february 22, 2016


I have been visiting Sun Valley as long as I can remember.  From my own childhood to raising my own children, it has proven the most magical of winter wonderlands.  Whether on the mountain, in the lodges, at the bowling alley or the ice rink, it is a snowy and old-school kingdom.  You can’t drive faster than 25 mph, the bus is still free; there is a candy shop and sleigh rides and ice skating under the lights.

I have just returned from a beautiful President’s week there with my grown and nearly grown daughters, my former muses.  

Some of the happiest memories come from our fall/winter photoshoot in 2000, when the extended flora and henri family spent a holiday trying to capture the magic.

With so much nostalgia and gratitude.  —Jane


The Magic of Izzy Klingels

post ~ february 10, 2016


Izzy is a delight. I hope everyone who reads this has the occasion to meet her in Seattle. She is lovely, talented, approachable and magical.
Izzy studied Fine Art in her native England and began working as an illustrator in 2001. She is a practicing Fine Artist and has exhibited in London, New York, Melbourne, Toronto and Seattle (of course!)

We have been honored to collaborate with Izzy who produced the amazing "year of the dragon” design for us in 2012. Our dragon was made entirely of featherlike foliage and was more woodnymph than fire-breather; we are eternally grateful!

In December, Izzy came to our offices and transformed our conference room white board into a winter wonder scene complete with furry rabbit and a prancing deer to set the mood for our holiday shopping event. Thanks for sharing your magical vision with us!

You can find Izzy’s work at our friends Marigold and Mint where she sells art prints and has created the packaging for the lovely Marigold and Mint soaps and candles (also available on our website).

Click here to learn more about Izzy: http://www.izzieklingels.com

and here for Marigold and Mint: http://www.marigoldandmint.com