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Civility, a thing of the past? (we hope not)

March 13, 2015 1 min read

Peter Miller, author, inspired cook and owner of Peter Miller books in Seattle wrote an article back in 2010 that we just can't seem to stop revisiting.  His take on the changes our society is experiencing and its impact on our own civil manners is worth it's weight in gold.


" ... Today, there is the technological sophistication to watch a first run movie on one’s phone, yet to have only the merest notion of manners and no sense that you should have sense. One complexity has overwhelmed another; distraction has deleted consciousness and form..."


Miller goes to explain in more detail a few of the rules he hopes are maintained by our society. Through his humor and seriousness we get to see that sadly some of these ideals are on their way out, unless we decide that they should stay and help us all remain more civil.


You can find Millers full article here

And for those looking for ideas on how to do lunch properly, Miller's book Lunch at the Shop, gives us a number of recipes that can be made without a kitchen. As Jane Hall, from Remodelista, highlights on her article about Miller's book, it is a moment set aside, away from the computer and the clock.

How deliciously indulgent.