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Inner-View with Tanya Hughes of Amulette Studios

We first met Tanya of Amulet Studios while organizing our spring event 'Earth and Heavens'.  It was pure joy to have Tanya attend the event to introduce and educate us on her amazing, hand made, plant based body products.  Tanya immediately impressed us with her alacrity and dedication to essential oils, their therapeutic qualities, and the adventure of spiritual awakening. Coming from a tradition of massage and aroma therapy she brings a well of knowledge and experience to our bath and beauty products (not to mention our heart and souls)!
We couldn't wait for a chance to get to know her even better...

Use 3 words to describe yourself

Who or what inspires you or where do you find inspiration?
My first and favorite muses are nature, music and poetry. Nature is ever-changing, unpredictable and both restorative and decimating. She is all the senses, she is endless possibility. Music because I can’t help, but be moved by it. Sound is a powerful mood and heart shifter for me. And poetry because sometimes there are too many words and finding just the right string of them is so satisfying.

What can you not live without?
Haha - I immediately go to food, water and sleep - but his not really what you are asking. Let’s just say that my life would be significantly diminished if I could not access my above muses. If we finally did destroy the Earth so much that is was uninhabitable or that we became so shut down as a society that the arts were obscured…that would be pretty brutal existence.

When are you most happy and in balance?
When I am in flow — I am moving my body daily, eating nourishing foods, getting good sleep and getting uninterrupted time in the studio to explore new ideas and move current projects forward. This is when my purpose is being met by my attention and my body and mind feel strong and clear enough to support it!

If you could travel anywhere, where are you going?
Ooo - so many places on the list. I have family in Greece that I have never met, so they are on the list. I also fantasize about poetry walks through the hills of Ireland and Wales and of course New Zealand just sounds so epic.

What is your favorite item in our store right now?
Those EPIC gold Veja Esplar sneakers!

Years from now you will …
Be living on small patch of land, growing and distilling the plants that I currently work with. This land will also host healing retreats, plant ecology/education and serve as a space for experiential artists and makers to explore their as an artist in residence. Wish me luck! ;)

Amulette Studios is a plant based, alchemical exploration birthed by Tanya Hughes in 2016. With a 20 year background in massage therapy, multi-media arts, hermetic alchemy and plant studies – Amulette Studios is more of a creative love letter to the soul than a brand or business. Amulette hand crafts small batch anointing and body oils, elementally rich scrubs, magical room sprays and the occasional jewelry artifact all with the intent to assist you in celebrating your Being, awakening your Muse and beholding the Beauty of Oneself and our natural World. AMULETTE is a sacred, personal object that brings protection to the wearer.

Flora and Henri Turns 20 Years Old!

What a journey from then to NOW!  Look how we've all grown up!

Inner-View with Dorothee Brand of Belathee Photography

If you were one of the lucky people to come to our Winter Wonderland Event and be photographed by our dear friend, Dorothee Brand, you will know what we are talking about when we say she is a bright light.  We originally had the pleasure of meeting Dorothee when she came to photograph our new store last summer.  She walked in full of energy, joy, confidence and perfect insight.  Her effusive energy is contagious and we are constantly looking for ways to have lunch with her as often as possible!  Kind and passionate, inspired and inspiring, here is Dorothee's inner-view:

Use 3 words to describe yourself
Excitable, loyal, reflective

Who or what inspires you or where do you find inspiration?
Urban walks, nature walks, Travel+ interior + art books, art museum strolls, many many entrepreneurs and creatives, music, humility , old buildings.

What can you not live without?
Friendships and airplanes and music and a camera ( and the list goes on..).

When are you most happy and in balance?
When I am exploring new places , whether urban or in a nature setting and when working on a great collaboration.

If you could travel anywhere, where are you going?
Tough one to narrow down, but Portugal and eastern Europe is high up on my list.

What is your favorite item in our store right now?
I really enjoyed reading Chery's Strayed new book "Tiny, Beautiful Things".

Years from now you will …
I'll still be photographing people and places...

all photos in this blog post are courtesy of Dorothee--except the first one of her- that shot is compliments of Chloe Gilstrap.

Dorothee Brand is one half of the bi-coastal photographer duo that is Belathee Photography.  Since 2003 Dorothee and Annabel Braithwaite (her New York based counterpart) have specialized in boutique wedding photography, more recently adding interior and lifestyle photography to their portfolio.  Whether shooting together or separately, Dorothee and Annabel create their signature and unique Belathee look (think Anthropologie meets Kate Spade), and their work has been published in Martha Stewart Weddings, Harper's Bazaar, Wall Street Journal, and Town & Country, amongst other publications.

Visit their site at:


Big Thanks to Seattle Times for the Sweet Mention!

to purchase Alcazar Palace, click here
to purchase Isle of May, click here

Inner-View with Katherine Anderson of London Plane

One of our favorite aspects of being in Pioneer Square is proximity to London Plane.  Yes, because of their exquisite space, breathtaking florals and delicious food, but more so because we get to see our brilliant friend Katherine Anderson with great frequency.  It's always restorative to have a chat about what book she is reading, ideas for collaborations, recent adventures or how she is viewing the world on that particular day.  Lucky us.  Now lucky you--read on!
Inner-View with Katherine Anderson of London Plane, Seattle
Use 3 words to describe yourself...
Patient, optimistic, and unfortunately, with so much technology at hand, easily distracted.

Who or what inspires you or where do you find inspiration?
The natural world. When I go for a walk and find myself under the canopy of a the brilliant red leaves of a Japanese maple; to me, there’s nothing more inspiring or moving than that.

What can you not live without?
Coffee and fiction, and of course my friends and family, and flowers.

When are you most happy and in balance?
When I have time on the weekends to move more slowly and be with my family.
When I get to run as many days a week as I want.
When I take a moment in bed in the morning to think about what I wish for that day, and how I want to be in the world that day.

If you could travel anywhere, where are you going?
Do I have to chose one place? I want to go to the Cardamom fields in Southern India, I want to go to Rajasthan and absorb all the color, I want to go to Sicily, I want to find a desolate lagoon in Greece to swim in, everywhere in Japan, and months exploring Indonesia. Oh, and I want to go to St Petersburg and go to the ballet, and Siberia in the middle of winter, and find myself in a warm cabin in the middle of a huge snowstorm.

What is your favorite item in our store right now?
It’s a tie between the gorgeous pale blue and pink large glass vases (I can’t remember the name!) and the Nymphenburg Bonbonniere with the eye!

Years from now you will …
Sitting in a garden, swimming in a lake, hopefully traveling to every corner of the world with my husband, and still working with people who inspire me.
Katherine Anderson is co-owner (with her business partner Matt Dillon) of the flower shop and restaurant The London Plane in Seattle. She also has an organic flower farm in the Snoqualmie Valley called Marigold and Mint. Originally trained as a landscape architect, and a journalist before that, Katherine started her farm in 2008, opened her first flower shop, Marigold and Mint (now closed) in 2010, and The London Plane in 2013. She grew up in Seattle and returned in 2005.

Celebrate the Wonder with Us!

Holiday Shopping Fête
December 6th, 10-7
Custom, complementary, artisanal gift wrapping from Jessica Zen at the Present Perfect, scrumptious seasonal treats, and twenty surprise gifts for lucky customers. Tick off your list early and give gorgeous gifts from our handpicked selection of beautiful treasures for the whole family.

Family Winter Wonderland
December 16, 11-5
Come for treats, cuddle a bunny, or start a new tradition. Join us for our first annual holiday wonderland photos -- shot by nationally recognized photographer Dorothee Brand of Belathée Photography -- hot cocoa, sweet treats and our favorite furry friends in our very own petting zoo.  If you would like to reserve a photo session, there are 35 photo spots available for $48 each, so register early by RSVP'ing here and contacting us at to reserve a specific time slot.  
10% of this special day's proceeds will go to one of our favorite organizations:
Friends of the Children
flora and henri Concept Shop
401 1st Ave South
Seattle, WA  98104

Introducing Flora and Henri's Two Signature Eaux De Parfum


The recently opened flora & henri concept lifestyle shop announced today two, signature, artisanal fragrances. Known for offering personal, boutique interactions and a timeless shopping experience, flora and henri now adds handcrafted fragrances to their carefully curated collection.


“Fragrance should both transport you and bring you home. It should remind you of your most exotic travels while being exactly the fragrance of cozying up at home with fresh flowers from your garden,” said Owner/Designer Jane Hedreen. “Your perfume should be the scent of your graceful grandmother, the reminder of adventure, a night out with your love and the persistent whisper that life is truly beautiful! It is something you should never be without.”

The fragrances were developed in collaboration with Chelsey Owen of Atelier Madrona, and label artwork done by local artist Kyler Martz.


Each eau de parfum will be available in three sizes: 5ml for $30, 50 ml for $140, and 100ml for $250.


Alcazar Palace

Opening with the signature of orange blossoms - a rich orange citrus on top of a beautiful white flower – this fragrance is sunny and warm. Aromatic, sweet, and elegant, the Tunisian orange blossom blends with violet for a soft and clean impression. This scent stays bright and lively, thanks to a Peruvian amber note that adds dimension but not weight.


Isle of May

A powdery olfactive embrace, the fragrance is a combination of rich red roses and fruity purple violets, with a base of vanilla-amber and musk. Top notes of Spanish lemon oil and violet enhance the fragrance’s Turkish and Bulgarian rose notes. Powdery initially, however lightens once vetiver lends its earthy note. Raspberry note is obvious in the dry down, and it saturates the base with a sweet glow.


The concept shop will celebrate with a launch party on Tuesday November 14th, welcoming guests in for bites and bubbles from 11am – 4pm.


flora and henri is located in Seattle's Pioneer Square neighborhood at 401 1st Ave South, Seattle, WA 98104. Store hours are Monday through Friday 10am -7pm, Saturday 11am -7pm, and Sunday 11am -5pm.




Introducing the Flora and Henri Inner-View Series

One of the most unforseen pleasures in our work is the interaction, collaboration and conversations we are afforded by the many highly creative, innovative and inspiring individuals who cross our paths every day.

With a goal to always look for new ways to see, appreciate life and be inspired by those who do it well, we have decided to produce a monthly feature called Inner-Views to share some of our favorite creatives, to spread their insights, humanity and intelligence to our community.

Welcome to our first Inner-View and to the wonder of our creative friends.

Inner-View with Eric Cobb

Inner-View with Eric Cobb of E. Cobb Architects, Seattle
Since our first discussions in early 2016, we have had the great fortune of connecting and working with architect Eric Cobb on the conception, design and construction of our beautiful flagship flora and henri Concept Shop. We are eternally grateful for the light, air filled, and efficient spaces he created for all avenues of the flora and henri brand under one roof: the design offices, the webshop and the concept store. We even ended the project with an exceptional neighbor to our West — The E. Cobb Architect firm building out their offices simultaneously in the adjacent space! Eric's vision, ingenuity, ability to listen and great sense of humor made for an illuminating, inspiring and heartening experience, so we thought there was no better creative individual to be the inaugural feature of our Inner-View.  

Use 3 words to describe yourself?
A grinder, personable and unhindered
Who or what inspires you or where do you find inspiration?
Uncovering hidden possibilities
Kenneth Frampton
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Soccer mid-fielders with vision
The ocean’s horizon
North light

What can you not live without?
Red Pencils- which are my way of marking and adjusting almost everything in my life!

When are you most happy and in balance?
When the waters are generally smooth, with a few ripples of excitement and success, and a few deep challenges to dive into.

If you could travel anywhere, where are you going?

What is your favorite item in our store right now?
The amazing ceramics collection, including the candle stick holder, mugs and pitchers. The remarkable simplicity and clarity is coupled with the right balance of distinctive form. You just have to hold it.

Years from now you will …
Feel happy and rewarded that for decades, together with amazing clients and collaborators, we fought for the simple concept of authenticity in our work.

Eric Cobb was born in Seattle in 1962. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from the University of Washington in 1984, and Master of Architecture from Columbia University in 1990 with Honors Awarded for Design Excellence. Prior to founding E. Cobb Architects in 1994, he worked in New York City for Smith-Miller + Hawkinson Architects as Project Architect for several projects including Corning Museum of Glass, Plunge Landing and The Continental Airlines Facility Program. He also worked in the offices of Richard Meier and Partners and Skidmore Owings & Merrill. E. Cobb Architects has been consistently recognized over the past twenty years as one of the top design firms in the Northwest, focusing on highly innovative residential and commercial projects. Eric Cobb is a licensed architect in the states of Washington, New York and Montana.


A beautiful profile on Jane Hedreen

We were so honored to be featured recently on the fabulous online magazine The Fold Mag.  Click image below to read the in depth interview with Jane Hedreen.  Photos courtesy of Belathee Photography.

Recent Press

So thrilled to be listed as one of the Best New Concept Shops by Insider Trends!