our story


in 1998, led by owner/designer jane hedreen, we opened the first flora and henri boutique in downtown seattle and launched the flora and henri travelbook catalogue. we envisioned a line of american-designed children’s clothing for ages newborn to 12 years that would compliment a child’s natural beauty — pure, simple, and exquisite — while offering a european quality and fabrication.

flora and henri grew, opening boutiques in new york and california. every season, we created a much sought-after catalogue that featured stunning and artful photography. people from all over the world fell in love with our designs, and we’ve established wholesale relationships with select partners both domestic and international. since 2012 flora and henri has focused its retail energy exclusively online. in 2015 we launched a new website offering the entire 'live and love' experience.

we’ve expanded our product selection to include things that would speak to our aesthetic, partnering with boutique brands of similar sensibilities and artistic vision. recently, we officially launched flora and henri ‘live and love’ and ‘flora femme’, two entirely new lines of carefully curated, unique and exquisite products for women, life, love and home. we aspire to offer a personal experience in the midst of the big-box retail era. through our virtual boutique and seattle showroom, flora and henri presents a sought-out collection of inspired finds to mark our lives with thoughtfulness and beauty.

as flora and henri has grown, we’ve become increasingly engaged with the world and our responsibility as an apparel manufacturer. in our overseas production we have searched for situations that can provide the quality we demand and concurrently benefit women and children in those areas. we work with positive impact facilities in madagascar, nepal, and bolivia. at the same time, we have moved a quarter of our production, the entire essentials line, to a production facility in seattle, working to promote domestic garment industry jobs in our local area.

finally, we’re excited about what the future holds, with even more collaborations, connections, and events in the works. of course, our flora and henri name brand will always be our anchor. we like to think that our designs speak to a slow-family sensibility while always remaining thoroughly modern and relevant to today’s ever-busier lifestyle: we hope you continue to grow up with us.