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Fashion Story with Flora and Henri by Bloesem

February 05, 2016 2 min read

post ~ february 5, 2016



F: Fashion is… A way to present yourself to the world, to distinguish yourself from others and a way to express the way you see yourself each day.


A: Accessories are important because… They aren’t for me unless they have a sentimental or precious touch. My favorite jewelry are pieces my grandmother wore whenever I saw her. I like simplicity and I cannot work hard for fashion.


S: Starting our Brand was... A time of great optimism and of freedom to create. As time moved forward, owning a brand has been 95% work and 5% creativity, but I still can’t live without that 5%.


H: Home to me is... A nest for my family, completely removed from the world outside. Love. Love. Love and big meals, quiet spaces, beautiful objects and fragrant flowers.


I: Icons in fashion are to me... MARNI (If I end up really poor you will know why) I love the style of Cate Blanchet and Michelle Williams, but great casual street chic is always the most interesting.


O: Over the years we have learned that the most important thing is... To stay calm and have a long lunch. Then, go home to my family.


N: New ideas often arise when... I am far, far away from the question or problem. I need space to think well.

S: Style means to me... A great sense of self. I love European women because they do not conform to a Hollywood look. There are many women with very non-traditional faces who make you look twice with their stunning sense of self.


T: Trade-fairs I like to go to… None. For the children’s market, Playtime or formerly Bubble, was a lovely way to meet other young brands and creative people, but as a sales tool, I think they are a thing of the past. The internet has changed the way people are exposed to brands and has liberated small labels from the strangle-hold of the big doors in retail.

O: Order, our breakthrough order came when… Still Waiting! But I love our loyal, confident shoppers that come back again and again. I would like to kiss each one of them.

R: Returning trends in fashion are... freckles and non straightened hair (perhaps I am just hoping)!

Y: Years from now I will… relax and say, ‘it wasn’t boring and we had some amazing lunches solving problems and dreaming of beautiful things’.


-flora and henri owner/designer, Jane Hedreen-


original post Thursday, 24 May 2012 by Irene Hoofs (bloesemkids)