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An Inspirational Development, Shared Roof Seattle

April 12, 2024 2 min read


Building for community: Shared Roof Seattle

When we set out to find a location for our Spring 2024 Photoshoot, we were focused on a beautiful, design-forward indoor/outdoor space with some vibrancy, but what we found at the Shared Roof development on Phinney Ridge, was so much more inspiring, heartwarming and future-looking than anything we had imagined.
We had heard about the development because of its well regarded tenants in the ground floor courtyard: the latest of the local and treasured Sea Creatures’ iterations, the jewel box bar/restaurant, Lioness, the ridiculously delicious Ben’s Bread Co. and the very attractive petit wine bar Doe Bay Wine Co./The Orcas Project, and Holy Mountain Brewery. But what we didn’t know was the overall visionary and much overdue in Seattle intention to develop a unique, Northern European-inspired community living project. 

Developed by a collection of friends and families intent on living collaboratively, Shared Roof is founded on the principle of shared resources.


-Johnston Architects

Developers Chad and Rebecca Dale now reside in the building with their three children, friends and neighbors who all share open and attractive walkways, a beautiful library space within the ground floor courtyard, and a spectacular roof deck which feels like you are at the top of Seattle with the Olympics spreading out to the West and the Cascades to the East. The rooftop is home to a generous outdoor fireplace and sitting area, beautifully designed raised planters, expansive communal cooking and dining spaces, an herb garden, a trampoline for the kids and to cap it off, a stunning greenhouse filled with citrus and olive trees surrounding a farmhouse table and chairs. All of it lends to a sense of something new and thoughtful and different from the other projects popping up around town.

As Chad detailed, while graciously hosting us to shoot within this magical sanctuary, by thinking communally they were able to experience and afford so much more than any one family could have done living on their own. The children are growing up with a sense of safety in proximity with neighbors while simultaneously experiencing the joy of freedom in the many courtyards and play spaces the building affords. The inter-generational community (current tenants are ages 4-91) enjoys the presence of one another, and the gift of alternate perspective while sharing seasons of life. It’s rich, it’s diverse and it’s a sense of community that is hard to find in the American single family dwelling lifestyle.

We could not be more grateful for the unique and heartwarming opportunity to spend the day in this beautiful hidden gem that is the Shared Roof. Our many,many heartfelt thanks to Chad and Becky, and of course to our dearest Dorothee Brand for capturing it all on film. 

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