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Flora and Henri: A Year After The Lockdown Began

March 16, 2021 1 min read


I remember where we sat and who was there as we gathered last March 16th and announced we would be shutting the flora and henri live and love boutiques.


There was so much unknown. So many profound and frightening questions. What would this mean for our business? What would this mean for each of our dedicated and courageous staff and what would happen to the community: our friends, neighbors, parents and children?


Here we are a year later, and we are cautiously, and steadily, feeling the sun come out and the possibility of vaccines, of an unmasked conversation between friends, of hugging and of crawling out of the dark, so much more reflective, compassionate and patient than we were when it all began.


We are still here, and to each and every member of our community, we declare you a hero and a neighbor who cared. To each of you that supported local, who chose the small and unique artisanal gift, or the cozy comfort of products made by small brands and ethical producers, we thank you from the very bottom of our hearts. Your choices have allowed us to carry on and we will never forget.


May you feel our gratitude this March 16th. May each of you remain healthy, carry the new perspective forward in your lives and celebrate the joy of what will be allowed again.


With real true love,

jane hedreen owner, curator and designer at flora and henri