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Inner-View with Katherine Anderson of London Plane

January 05, 2018 2 min read

One of our favorite aspects of being in Pioneer Square is proximity to London Plane.  Yes, because of their exquisite space, breathtaking florals and delicious food, but more so because we get to see our brilliant friend Katherine Anderson with great frequency.  It's always restorative to have a chat about what book she is reading, ideas for collaborations, recent adventures or how she is viewing the world on that particular day.  Lucky us.  Now lucky you--read on!

Inner-View with Katherine Anderson of London Plane, Seattle
Use 3 words to describe yourself...
Patient, optimistic, and unfortunately, with so much technology at hand, easily distracted.

Who or what inspires you or where do you find inspiration?
The natural world. When I go for a walk and find myself under the canopy of a the brilliant red leaves of a Japanese maple; to me, there’s nothing more inspiring or moving than that.

What can you not live without?
Coffee and fiction, and of course my friends and family, and flowers.

When are you most happy and in balance?
When I have time on the weekends to move more slowly and be with my family.
When I get to run as many days a week as I want.
When I take a moment in bed in the morning to think about what I wish for that day, and how I want to be in the world that day.

If you could travel anywhere, where are you going?
Do I have to chose one place? I want to go to the Cardamom fields in Southern India, I want to go to Rajasthan and absorb all the color, I want to go to Sicily, I want to find a desolate lagoon in Greece to swim in, everywhere in Japan, and months exploring Indonesia. Oh, and I want to go to St Petersburg and go to the ballet, and Siberia in the middle of winter, and find myself in a warm cabin in the middle of a huge snowstorm.

What is your favorite item in our store right now?
It’s a tie between the gorgeous pale blue and pink large glass vases (I can’t remember the name!) and the Nymphenburg Bonbonniere with the eye!

Years from now you will …
Sitting in a garden, swimming in a lake, hopefully traveling to every corner of the world with my husband, and still working with people who inspire me.
Katherine Anderson is co-owner (with her business partner Matt Dillon) of the flower shop and restaurant The London Plane in Seattle. She also has an organic flower farm in the Snoqualmie Valley called Marigold and Mint. Originally trained as a landscape architect, and a journalist before that, Katherine started her farm in 2008, opened her first flower shop, Marigold and Mint (now closed) in 2010, and The London Plane in 2013. She grew up in Seattle and returned in 2005.