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Love Letters to Seattle

February 29, 2024 2 min read

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, Flora & Henri encouraged the community at large to voice its appreciation for the city of Seattle and our newly elected City Council Members. Established in 1869, Pioneer Square is the city’s very first neighborhood. Today, our little slice of Seattle is represented by Rob Saka, Joy Hollingsworth, and Robert Kettle.

February 14th brought concerned citizens, business owners, and life-long residents into the store to reflect on the place they call home and express their hopes for the future. One participant wrote, “Pioneer Square is beautiful, graceful, gritty, warm, and wise…please stop developers from sitting on iconic buildings, and letting huge amounts of much needed, livable, workable space stand empty.” The concept of space was a reoccurring theme in the Love Letters. Another contributor wrote, “we have so many unleased offices and vacant store fronts…there must be space to accept those suffering in our community ‘as they are’.” Funding for social services and access to shelter have been longstanding issues in our city, however, the new City Council brings hope: “I know you have a very hard job…” writes an author, “but we believe in you and support you in your efforts. Give it your all. Seattle and its residents deserve it.”



Seattle is something special. On the best days this city is your ally, adventurer, and apex for inspiration. On the harder days, it’s laden with intense urban issues and it challenges you to take action, accountability, and appreciation for your fellow citizens.  

To build forward, we must recognize our common experiences and use them as a catalyst for connectivity and change. Love Letters to Seattle, was our attempt to create a platform for action and let the voices in the community be heard.

Thank you to those who participated. Keep spreading the LOVE!



Flora + Henri Team.