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Seattle Artists Leading Us Through The Dark

April 24, 2020 2 min read

As the Coronavirus has turned our lives upside down, we’ve continued to search for the silver lining of this time. Everyday seems to be a grab bag of emotions, but in the face of that, we have been so impressed with people’s spirit and ingenuity. One of our favorite things to emerge in Seattle has been the plywood murals all over the city. The vibrancy, hope and optimism represented in each and every one is a reminder that love runs deep, and creativity will not be dimmed. 

Oddfellows Cafe, art by Bella Pham, Benjamin Hubbard and Stacy Milrany,

photo courtesy of Linda Derschang



Percey Seattle, art by Katie Kulseth



Tractor Tavern, art by Andrew Miller



Standard Goods, art by Stevie Shao



Ballard Ave, art by Ryan Henry Ward



King's Hardware, art by Parker Dot Studio



Pioneer Square, art by Tara Velan



Seattle Pinball Museum, art by Protective Arts Collective



Bitterroot BBQ, art by Stevie Shao



Pioneer Square, art by Casey Weldon



It is an honor to be part of such an amazingly creative community.  We send a big thank you to the businesses and artists that are contributing this heart lifting work in the midst of the pandemic.

If you would like to see more of the artists work that are listed here, check them out on Instagram:

Bella Pham: @sadgrrlz

Stacy Milrany: @milrany_art

Benjamin Hubbard:  @ben_busy

Katie Kulseth: @achene.eye

Andrew Miller:  @mantisart77

Stevie Shao: @stepfrae

Ryan Henry Ward: @henry_beyond_museums

Parker Dot Studios: @parkerdotstudio

Tara Velan: @yesitstara

Casey Weldon: @caseyweldon