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Where does the time go?

March 15, 2023 2 min read


(1998 - 2023)

Celebrate the first day of Spring and our first

Prosecco and Cake
all day! 

Come, reminisce and celebrate our friendships and what we have built together.

10 am - 6 pm 
March 21st, 2023


That Make Us Grateful

  • Our gracious, generous, creative and supportive customers
  • The amazing collection of staff who have rotated through our doors giving us their spirit and energy over the years
  • The kids who started their lives in Flora and Henri and are now starting families of their own
  • All of the amazing friendships we have made that began here
  • All of the inspiring artists and artisans we have worked with past and present around the globe
  • All of the productions teams that have helped to create our name-brand products
  • Our sister in spirit, Angele Homawoo in Madagascar, who exhibits generosity and love like no other
  • The original design and production team in Canada: Debbra Mikaelsen, Renee Rechtschaffner, and Chelsea Ballantyne
  • Azadeh Hessami, the largest-hearted patternmaker in the business
  • Our families and all of their patience
  • Estelle, Guy, Frances, Otto and Rowan for their tireless modeling and fit-modeling 
  • The designers and builders who leant their talents to this business and built our physical spaces; Roy McMakin, Eric Cobb, David Lucas, the Dolan Brothers, Bright Street
  • All of the support we felt through the darkness of 2020
  • All of the neighboring businesses with whom we have worked and collaborated; Joe Bar, The London Plane, General Porpoise
  • Kelly Staton and her incomparable gifts and imagination
  • Phillip Newton, Stephanie Rausser and Dorothee Brand for their exceptional eyes and extraordinary images
  • FedEx, UPS, and DHL insurance on lost and damaged packages 
  • Surviving Covid
  • Surviving 2008
  • Surviving the tech crash
  • Surviving 9-11
  • Surviving the worst landlord in New York City
  • Getting to work with the best landlords in Pioneer Square and Marin
  • All of the energy and inspiration that keeps moving our world forward despite the growing challenges
  • The future and all that it holds ❤️ 


Join the fervor and celebration remotely if you can't make it into one of our stores!

  • Send us your own personal, magical Flora and Henri memories and stories
  • Follow, like, and tag us on Instagram
  • Call us, even just say hello, smile, laugh and enjoy the day