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The Lake by Robin Layton

Robin Layton has been studying and photographing Lake Washington, “the lake,” since 2008. Over the years, she has documented the many faces of “the lake” and has captured them all with artful vision and breathtaking beauty.

A labor of love, “the lake” includes 146 stunning, artistic photographs of Lake Washington divided into four seasons. Beginning with summer, viewers can follow the changing moods and life of the lake through fall, winter and spring. Robin’s photographs explore “the lake” from all sides and directions and show us places and moments that can only be described as magical.

Robin set out to create a unique work of art with this book — to capture “the lake” in ways that let viewers experience all it has to offer. From sweeping, spectacular vistas to intimate moments of fragile nature, Robin slowly reveals the miraculous world of life on “the lake.”

“the lake” is not just another book of nature photography. It is the stunning culmination of a 10-year personal mission, presented on a grand scale with heart, state-of-the-art craft and attention to every detail. It perfectly and artistically captures the energy of the water, the people, and nature surrounding “the lake.”

Each book is a limited-edition piece of art.

There are only 2000 printed copies.

There will never be another reprint.


"The lake” is a vivid and heartfelt vision of our unique and glorious urban lake. It is a record of — and a reflection on — life on “the lake” during our time here, to be shared with generations to follow.



146 stunning, artistic photographs of Lake Washington divided into four seasons



11"w x 14"h