Collection: Hering Berlin

The master craftsman and award-winning designer Stefanie Hering founded Hering Berlin manufactory in 1999. Working with porcelain and clay remains at the heart of her designs to this day. Of course, when you let your eye wander over the Hering Berlin Collections, it’s the timelessly beautiful designs that catch your eye.  The great skill of the master craftsmen from the Thuringian Manufaktur Reichenbach lends the unique quality to the porcelain of Hering Berlin. As a master craftsman herself, Stefanie Hering personally selects every single specialist she works with and accompanies them in a year-long development process, ensuring each design is made to perfection. Stephanie and her team explore the boundaries of porcelain with newly developed glazes and decorative techniques adding beautiful new dimensions to the art. Each of these innovations comes from close collaborations with the artisans in Reichenbach, and would not be feasible without the knowledge and skills passed down through generations.