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YOLO Journal Issue 11 Fall 2022

For Fall 2022, we broaden our global lens, exploring the raw beauty of coastal landscapes from the Azores to the Norwegian Arctic, and road-tripping through regions as varied as the Mexican Yucatán, the Balkans, and Puglia in the off-season. As always, with our picks of where to stay and a few easy pieces to pack.


In a very noisy landscape where we are inundated with images and information, to be able to sit down with a magazine, that speaks to you, and isn’t filled with loads of distracting ads, is something we all want.

We all want the one interesting idea/tip/lead that brings us somewhere, and is a jumping off point—none of us want to spend hours combing through Instagram location tags to find out where the cool people actually go in the city you are visiting.

Yolo doesn't aim to be comprehensive—they know you have your smartphone right next to you all the time—they gather and edit the best sources and their intel, and feature it in their printed quarterly.



128 pages 

made in USA