Collection: Rachel Comey

Design at Rachel Comey is driven by the relationship between materials and the diverse array of women wearing her clothes.

In her design process, Rachel Comey poses these questions: How can fabrics and techniques engage our perspective of everyday experience? In what ways is it possible to affect notions of empowerment to the people that wear our clothes? How can we challenge performative notions of what it means to be sexy? How can we look at traditional techniques and craftsmanship from a modern perspective and reinvigorate the artisanal communities that maintain these crafts?

With each season Rachel Comey's commitment to sustainability grows stronger! In 2022 a new standard was set, incorporating a minimum of 50% innovative fibers in each design. This is made possible by collaborating with the organization Canopy, which develops fiber sources that reduce environmental and social impacts, focusing on agricultural residues and recycled fabrics.

Rachel Comey's conversational approach to each new season inspires us, continuing the dialogue of what it means to participate with her designs.