Collection: Two New York


Designer Monica Patel-Cohn launched her collection TWO NEW YORK in 2010 after working under Simon Doonan at Barney's and at PRADA in Milan.
Drawing on Monica's Indian and Italian background, TWO embodies European and Indian influences evolving from the traditional Sari. These easy pieces in studied fabrics are perfect for the warmer months from spring to summer, as well as the equatorial resort. Since 2010 TWO has been committed to reinforcing the importance of handmade fabrics by supporting weavers and talented artisans and designers, including women's cooperatives and an indigo specialist, who hand-weave and dye diaphanous cotton, linen, and silks. Handwoven fabrics save 1 ton of CO2 emissions per year per handloom. These fabrics are the essential first step for all of Monica's designs.