Collection: Veja

"Making shoes differently is a signal that everything has to be reinvented, that nothing is taken for granted. And we see it appear: food, cars, consumer goods, in general, are changing their production methods. The way these goods are made is increasingly important. That's our project, to do what we would like to see appear in the world." - VEJA  

The VEJA project takes sustainability to a new and revolutionary level.  This dynamic sneaker company is considering the entire processes required to produce a sneaker, by going back up the production chain all the way to the raw materials, and then rebuilding this chain, creating a positive impact at every single stage. This includes harvesting organic cotton for the canvas, buying wild rubber directly from the Amazon forest, incorporating recycled materials, diminishing waste and environmental impact on every level from raw materials to wearing the sneaker, hiring at a fair wage, and improvement of working and living conditions for factory workers, and working with ASF, a social reintegration association in Paris, for warehouse and dispatch of sneakers all over the world.

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