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All the Colors I Am Inside: The Beauty of Human Intuition

By Deb Achak, text by Alison Morley

Achak’s dreamlike landscapes and mysterious portraits bring together human and spiritual worlds. In All the Colors I Am Inside, Deb Achak reflects on our relationship with the soft, quiet voice of our intuition and the beauty of who we are under the surface. Achak explores how our inner voice leads us on the most surprising and glorious adventures, but to hear it, we must quiet our brains and savor the present moment. Bringing together human and spiritual worlds, she uses landscapes that are rich and mysterious, the way our dreams and meditations might feel, and portraits in which the subject is consumed by nature, swept up by it. Achak seeks to represent the pictorial quality of intuition using imagery that walks the line between rare and familiar. Ultimately, the work invites us to think less, feel more. Deb Achak is an American artist. All the Colors I Am Inside marks the artist’s debut monograph.



Pages: 112

Publisher: Kehrer Verlag



Dimensions: 11" x 9" x 1"