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Bear Pocket Doll

Bear spends his mornings collecting rocks and practicing his slingshot aim. In the afternoon he heads back to the moss cave to refuel with his favorite, grilled cheese! As the sun sets, Bear climbs to the peak of the pin oak tree, where he dreams of all the merit badges he hopes to earn.


Favorite Food: grilled cheese
Hobbies: rock collecting
Residence: moss cave
Favorite Activity: target practice, whittling
Favorite Place: top of the old pin oak tree
Described by Friends as: superstitious
Recent Award: scout of the year

Measures 3" × 9" × 2”

Embroidery on linen and stuffed with poly fill.



Coral & Tusk creates spirited embroidered textiles for the home. Founded in 2007 by designer Stephanie Housley, Coral & Tusk’s creative process is a special alchemy of storytelling, illustration, and machine embroidery. Each Coral & Tusk design begins as an original pencil drawing by Stephanie and is then translated to cloth through a unique process that retains her hand. Crafted with artistry and imagination, a Coral & Tusk piece is sure to surprise and delight.