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Swedish Glockenspiel 12

Twelve tone diatonic glockenspiel

Handmade in Sweden, this semi-advanced glockenspiel enables you to play
music containing all whole notes (C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C) on the
diatonic (Western) scale; no sharps or flats. Many simple folk songs and
nursery rhymes can be played on this glockenspiel!

The sound itself is warm and full; the result of the solid brass keys
with each note engraved on the bar and finely sanded untreated birch
wood construction. The keys are finished in natural beeswax to highlight
the inherent qualities of the material and allow for easy maintenance.
Ideal for sharing the joy of music with children, this is an heirloom
quality instrument that can last for generations.

Comes with a rubber, a wooden and a hard plastic mallet.

Made in Sweden.