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The Magic of Izzy Klingels

February 17, 2016 1 min read

post ~ february 10, 2016


Izzy is a delight. I hope everyone who reads this has the occasion to meet her in Seattle. She is lovely, talented, approachable and magical.
Izzy studied Fine Art in her native England and began working as an illustrator in 2001. She is a practicing Fine Artist and has exhibited in London, New York, Melbourne, Toronto and Seattle (of course!)

We have been honored to collaborate with Izzy who produced the amazing "year of the dragon” design for us in 2012. Our dragon was made entirely of featherlike foliage and was more woodnymph than fire-breather; we are eternally grateful!

In December, Izzy came to our offices and transformed our conference room white board into a winter wonder scene complete with furry rabbit and a prancing deer to set the mood for our holiday shopping event. Thanks for sharing your magical vision with us!

You can find Izzy’s work at our friends Marigold and Mint where she sells art prints and has created the packaging for the lovely Marigold and Mint soaps and candles (also available on our website).

Click here to learn more about Izzy:

and here for Marigold and Mint: