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Beauty in the Time of Quarantine

During this unprecedented time of social distancing, we are finding it more important than ever to have beauty and comfort surrounding us at home.  As we often quote from poet John O'Donohue, "Beauty is that in the presence of which we feel more alive." Never has this felt more true than now, watching Spring arrive outside our windows while we protect ourselves and others from an unforeseen threat.

When we decided to expand the flora and henri vision beyond children's clothing, our owner, Jane Hedreen's, natural inclination was to turn toward the unique and artisanal objects that she lives with everyday - a lifetime of curation through travel - which inspire her and bring her joy. They are the objects which color the living and loving within her family and home. Thus, 'Live and Love', our full concept shop curation was born.  

I asked her to share her thoughts and some photos of her current favorite pieces 'in situ' from her gorgeous Capitol Hill home.




One of the first items of porcelain I ever purchased was a robin's egg blue Nymphenburg egg by artist Ted Muehling at his other-worldly shop in lower Manhattan (52 White Street, New York, NY). If you haven't been, add it to your list!

Nymphenburg Egg Vase Large

It's become a bit of a problem....

Nymphenburg Egg Vases Small and Large, Nymphenburg Egg Lantern


I love the places reading takes me. It is always my indulgence of choice when I get the chance to sit down.  Every season a new curation of books makes it to the top of our coffee table ... and the bookshelves at flora and henri.

Coffee Table Books: The Octopus Eats It's Own Legs Takasha Murakami,


Linda McCartney's, A Life In Photographs


I like to acknowledge and engage every sense at home. Like my grandmother, who always smelled of Shalimar and who's home had a mix of scents I will never forget, fragrance is so important to me. Between the Santa Maria Novella altar candle in the Melagrano fragrance or the gorgeous cameo diffuser by Cire Trudon, I have, over the years, bestowed my own signature fragrance to our home.

Nymphenburg French Bulldog (available for special order, please call if interested: 1-888-749-9698)
Santa Maria Novella Melagrano Candle (available in store or via phone 1-888-749-9698)
R&Y Augousti Shagreen Vase (available for special order, please call if interested: 1-888-749-9698)

Jonathan Adler Muse Dora Candle

Cire Trudon La Promeneuse Diffuser



I was very excited to find the organic Haeckles products from England on my last trip to Antwerp.  Their new take on a diffuser, using a graffiti carved chalk block that naturally absorbs and diffuses the stunning green fragrance of lavender and cliff grasses, has added to my 'still life in front of still life' in my breakfast room.  Each morning I like to drop some fragrance on the cube and take time to breath it in and start my day.

Haeckles Chalk Room Diffuser

Nymphenburg Chinoiserie (available for special order, please call if interested: 1-888-749-9698)



Everyone collects too much of something, and for me that is houseplants. I can hear them crying out to me with their needs, and its like having a school room of children to contend with.  Leaving town is putting their life in jeopardy, but some have been with me for over 15 years. Finding the right pots and a match between the plant and vessel is given far too much consideration.


&tradition's Lex Pott Vase

Planter by Mt. Washington Pottery



Everywhere, I like to have something to intrigue and something useful.

Small Pleasures Book by School of Life

Image D'Orient's Gold Box of Coasters



This painted Nymphenburg stag never ceases to delight me.  It is a precious art object which has watched over every Christmas and Birthday for a generation and connects with friends who come to visit.  I love his ease, confidence and happiness in our home.

Nymphenburg Stag (available for special order, please call if interested: 1-888-749-9698)



The kitchen is the place where I try to live by the idea that useful things can be beautiful.  Often I am reminded, by their artistry and craftsmanship, to slow down, enjoy that beautiful cup of tea or slice of cheese, trying to not rush through it, but to set a beautiful table and enjoy it. Now more than ever.

Canard Cups by Lenneke Wispelwey

Edge Mugs by Skagerak

Nagasaki Coffee Spoons


The Mariage Freres hammered tea pot has seen us through so many cups of tea shared with friends.  It's probably 10 or more years old now and only gets better with time and memories.  The Lobmeyr carafe is on the table every night.  I love the way your hand fits perfectly around the neck to pour.  Subtle perfection.

Alpha Pitcher by Lobmeyr

Love Pot by Mariage Freres (available in store or call to order: 1-888-749-9698)


I gifted the Edward Wohl cutting boards and rack to my exceptional cook/husband this Christmas.  Who knew we needed a cutting board rack? But we are both delighted by it and the beautiful upgrade to our boards.

Cutting Boards and Rack by Edward Wohl


When we bought our new home a few years ago, I had just met Dechem and the beautiful glass designs they were making.  I decided to use their lights throughout our hallway spaces.  I love the subtle but elegant treatment of light.  

Ceiling Light by Dechem


For this Spring in the shop, in anticipation of a very different time than where we find ourselves, we purchased a lovely group of vibrant green glass from Nason Moretti, a traditional Murano glass creator. As Italy has faced such horror, I see this glass and offer up a heartfelt thought for the recovery and solace of that nation which has given us so much beauty and craftsmanship. 


 Anatares Miniature Murano Glass Vase


For now, this is my office, my home, my safe place.  Thank goodness we live in a time where we can still connect and share our love with each other in a moment from afar. 


I wish everyone safety, health and a chance to hold your loved ones close; slow down and find beauty in your haven.  I appreciate our relationship with each and every one of you.

XO Jane