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Five Questions With…Jane Hedreen

November 04, 2016 4 min read

One thing runs through lifelong Seattleite, Jane Hedreen’s list of most-loved things: the unfettered beauty of simplicity. Be it the abundant inspiration she finds in nature; good, nourishing food enjoyed around the family table; the women in her life who have and continue to influence her; and Seattle itself, Jane draws on them all to design and curate an inventory for flora and henri that allows us all to experience the joy of simply beautiful things.

How do you describe your personal style?

In general, I am a bit sporty, and I like a natural look. I love light colors and textures, like beautiful vintage white embroidery or chunky luxurious soft knits. I am not big on multiple accessories. I like to keep it simple, everything well made and fresh. As a shopper, I prefer quality to quantity, always. I hope that describes what flora and henri feels like to others.


Estelle in sunlight

                                                       (daughter Estelle, New York) 

Who are your muses?

My 25-year-old daughter Estelle inspires me. She never thinks hard about anything and just throws it on and goes. Never too precious, she always looks beautiful, but it does not take up her time. She is simple, and elegant with an edge of street fashion. Her priority is getting out the door. That said, she always changes for dinner!


                                                 (grandma Nona circa 1945)

My grandmother Nona inspired me, as well. She was such a beautiful woman. She had the best instinct for colors and fabrics and always smelled of Shalimar. She was very Nordic looking with gorgeous fair hair and blue eyes. She wore the light colors that I like so much. She chose everything in her life carefully and nothing was disposable. It was meant to last forever.


Where do you look to for inspiration?

Nature, nature, nature and travel. I love to be outdoors and the more remote the better. My mind gets clear and I feel inspired by the majesty of it. But even on an average day, stopping by the dahlia garden or seeing a blue heron at the fishpond in Volunteer Park while on a run can change my whole outlook. Then, on the flip side, I can’t love being in Amsterdam or Paris or Madrid more. The ages of good design layered one generation on top of the other, is so energizing. Again, it is textures and colors for me. When working on design, I like to look back at vintage fashion and find the details that make the difference. I have a fashion crush on one of our favorite customers, Olya Thompson, and seeing her style always delights me.


(Olya Thompson, Photo: Gueorgui Pinkhassov)



How do you choose what to carry at flora and henri?  

I don't carry anything at flora and henri that I wouldn’t have for myself. In fact, the origins of our live and love product line were the things I live with at home that inspire me. I wanted to carry those objects and offer the gifts I need for the loves in my life. It’s all very personal and there is a story about everyone who creates the products we carry. I like to curate beautiful things.   




Describe your perfect meal.

Oh I love this question! My perfect meal is at home with family and friends. My husband is an amazing and generous cook who has created a household of abundantly delicious meals for all who know us. I asked for sole meunière for my birthday with little yellow wax potatoes and asparagus and he made it perfectly. But this time of year, I like his sugar glazed Korean beef that we all sit around and pull apart and wrap in lettuce leaves and dip in magical sauces. Meals are honored and about so much for us.    


(Dave's chicken fricasse)


Bonus: What do you love about Seattle?

Can I keep talking about food? There is so much delicious food here created by original, inspired and genius people. So much about warmth and friendship and communication and love comes with a perfect coffee, a glass of wine or a lovely meal. We are not a downtown city; we are a city of neighborhoods and each has such a unique feeling and flavor. My life on Capitol Hill for the past 20 years, has felt so rich and textured. I also love the water and the mountains. I can be driving down the street to look up and see the sun rising or setting with the mountains and the ferries, and I know this is part of who I am and where I came from.