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Flora and Henri come to Seattle!

September 30, 2016 1 min read

post ~ September 30, 2016


How did it happen that one day in February I received the most charming of emails…


We are from Germany and the names of our children are: Flora and Henri! Henri is 7 and Flora 4. This summer we will be travelling along the West coast and we plan to stop by at your store around August 12. My wife discovered your website by coincidence.

We also have another daughter: Tilda (1 year) but you do not need to add her name to your store name :).


Yes, it is true that Flora and Henri (and Tilda) paid us a visit!

We are so honored to have come in contact with such a truly lovely family with a heart for connection and coincidence that matched ours. When they left Seattle, and not without Henri leaving me a beautiful gift of his own German carved wooden hand-puppets, (in honor of the Henri’s toys section of our website) we sent them off with swimsuits and playclothes for their RV adventure down the coast to San Francisco. Their father, clearly with a knack for the camera, captured some amazing photos to share with us:

We are so grateful for the connection of one Flora and Henri family with another. At the end of their visit, they met up with famed flora and henri photographer, Stephanie Rausser, in Petaluma to capture the moment. Stay tuned for our next post.

We are filled with such deep affection for the Gunter family!