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Skultuna; Elegant Brass of Historic Importance

February 25, 2022 1 min read


 The year was 1607, and King Karl IX could at last implement his long-held plans for a Swedish brass industry. During the time of Gustav Wasa and Erik XIV, Sweden had become indebted to the Hanseatic League. Refining copper into brass would reduce imports of brass and increase income from exports.






The King sent out one of his best men on official Crown's business to find a suitable location for a brass foundry, the choice fell on Skultuna, where the Svartån brook provided sufficient water power. Charcoal was available here as well and the copper mine at Falun was also close.



Today, over four centuries later, the Skultuna Foundry resides in the very same place where it originated! 



The first master braziers were called here from the brass foundries in Germany and the Netherlands, they also brought the technique on how to make large brass objects like chandeliers. The oldest known chandelier is in the Church of Our Lady in Enköping and is dated 1619.




The journey throughout history has been rough at times. Once the whole factory floated away with the spring flood and it has burnt down completely on at least three occasions. Despite all odds, the Skultuna factory continues, over 400 years from its beginning, to produce breathtaking works of brass!