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Beach House

January 05, 2022 1 min read


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There was a flash of a moment this summer when it felt safe to remove our masks, to come together and enjoy a mid-day meal with friends and family and celebrate the joy of seeing and being with each other again. We took to the water and were transported to a corner of Puget Sound, nestled under the Olympics, with a range of generations and friends of friends. It was a day of delight and adventure. From the perfect weather, to the talent of our floral staff working solely with what we could forage in the gardens, it was Flora and Henri in action. With Jane’s husband Dave cracking crab and harvesting his oysters for us, kids of many ages enjoying each other, picking from the rows of ripe berries, wandering the garden paths, swimming and playing tennis: we had a lovely day. With such a heartfelt thank you to our gorgeous photographer Dorothee Brand, insanely fun and creative floral artists Caleb Franklin and Minie Mitchell, and the ever generous, smart and clever Seattle Flora and Henri staff, we present to you our summer photoshoot: Beach House. May we hold it in our hearts as we re-place the masks on our faces and enter another long winter of commitment to one another and our health and safety.