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Inner-View with Tanya Hughes of Amulette Studios

May 18, 2018 3 min read

We first met Tanya of Amulet Studios while organizing our spring event 'Earth and Heavens'.  It was pure joy to have Tanya attend the event to introduce and educate us on her amazing, hand made, plant based body products.  Tanya immediately impressed us with her alacrity and dedication to essential oils, their therapeutic qualities, and the adventure of spiritual awakening. Coming from a tradition of massage and aroma therapy she brings a well of knowledge and experience to our bath and beauty products (not to mention our heart and souls)! 

We couldn't wait for a chance to get to know her even better...

Use 3 words to describe yourself

Who or what inspires you or where do you find inspiration?
My first and favorite muses are nature, music and poetry. Nature is ever-changing, unpredictable and both restorative and decimating. She is all the senses, she is endless possibility. Music because I can’t help, but be moved by it. Sound is a powerful mood and heart shifter for me. And poetry because sometimes there are too many words and finding just the right string of them is so satisfying.

What can you not live without?
Haha - I immediately go to food, water and sleep - but his not really what you are asking. Let’s just say that my life would be significantly diminished if I could not access my above muses. If we finally did destroy the Earth so much that is was uninhabitable or that we became so shut down as a society that the arts were obscured…that would be pretty brutal existence.

When are you most happy and in balance?
When I am in flow — I am moving my body daily, eating nourishing foods, getting good sleep and getting uninterrupted time in the studio to explore new ideas and move current projects forward. This is when my purpose is being met by my attention and my body and mind feel strong and clear enough to support it!

If you could travel anywhere, where are you going?
Ooo - so many places on the list. I have family in Greece that I have never met, so they are on the list. I also fantasize about poetry walks through the hills of Ireland and Wales and of course New Zealand just sounds so epic.

What is your favorite item in our store right now?
Those EPIC gold Veja Esplar sneakers!

Years from now you will …
Be living on small patch of land, growing and distilling the plants that I currently work with. This land will also host healing retreats, plant ecology/education and serve as a space for experiential artists and makers to explore their as an artist in residence. Wish me luck! ;)

Amulette Studios is a plant based, alchemical exploration birthed by Tanya Hughes in 2016. With a 20 year background in massage therapy, multi-media arts, hermetic alchemy and plant studies – Amulette Studios is more of a creative love letter to the soul than a brand or business. Amulette hand crafts small batch anointing and body oils, elementally rich scrubs, magical room sprays and the occasional jewelry artifact all with the intent to assist you in celebrating your Being, awakening your Muse and beholding the Beauty of Oneself and our natural World. AMULETTE is a sacred, personal object that brings protection to the wearer.