Hering Berlin Lobster Pasta Plate

An outstanding feature of Stefanie Hering's porcelains is the subtle coordination of form and decoration. The lobster, which emerges from the depths of the pasta plate and slides over the rim, is an impressive example of this.

Porcelain designer Stefanie Hering presents the 'Ocean' collection. Debuted in 2014 to the collection features fish, shells and jellyfish painted by hand in strong blue on white, velvety biscuit porcelain. Biologically absolutely precise, but at the same time aesthetically stylized. Each individual motif is subtly matched to the shape of the respective plate, cup or bowl. 



The essence of a well laid table... 

Stefanie Hering's designs are unique, because each bears the artisans' touch. From turning a plate in the moulding shop, to the elaborate painting, to finishing the porcelain objects after firing - everything is done by hand at Hering Berlin.

Whether it’s about the size of a serving tray, or serving platters with raised edges so nothing can escape, or the angle the side of a teacup needs to create the perfect taste experience while drinking: the form-finding process is always accompanied by elaborate, practical experiments that last for many months.


Bisque porcelain; finely polished; with painted cobalt pattern.

Though it looks fragile and extremely difficult to clean, is actually denser, harder, firmer, and more resistant to abrasion and scratches than glazed porcelain. Being fired at 1400°C closes all its pores. The porcelain forms its own glaze, so no dirt can penetrate it – which makes bisque porcelain from Hering Berlin ideal for use in dining services.

Handmade in Berlin, Germany

Dishwasher safe and suitable for the microwave



 2.2"H x 11.8"Diameter