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Nontron Paring Knives

Boxwood Nontron pairing knives in three different sizes! Made stainless steel, these knives are hand polished and finished for exceptional comfort and balance in hand.

Artisanal kitchen knives that will quickly become indispensable! These Nontron knives are light and very sharp. These knives have been specially designed to peel, cut and slice fruits and vegetables. They will also allow you to slice any kind of meat.


Each knife is created by a single craftsman who oversees the entire 40-step process from start to finish. Wood handles are made from decades-old, locally-grown boxwood that air-dries for five years before being hand-shaped, sanded, and burned with signature Nontron patterns. 

They are a beautiful way to bring French tradition to your tabletop or kitchen. 


Stainless steel blade

Boxwood handle with traditional pyrography.

Made in France

Hand wash and dry



9cm: Length of the blade: 9cm / 3.5in, length of the handle: 8cm/ 3in. Total length of the knife: 17cm / 6.5in.


10cm: Length of the blade: 10cm / 4in, length of the handle: 10cm / 4in. Total length of the knife: 20cm / 8in. 


12cm: Length of the blade: 12cm / 4.5in, length of the handle: 10cm / 4in. Total length of the knife: 22cm / 8.5in