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The Tartan Blanket Co. 

Born out of a desire to create a company with real passion and real soul. TBCo. products have a truly positive impact on the world and are beautiful to touch, natural, and bring warmth to people's hearts and homes. This wonderful brand is the result of many evenings of dreaming, a crazy amount of hard work, a constant juggle of family and business, an amazing team behind the scenes, and a huge leap of faith. 

The Traditional Scottish tartan blankets are made of wool or cashmere making the blankets themselves all-natural and fully sustainable. Taking their ethics a few steps further TBCo. traveled the world in search of partner mills and found two family-run operations with environmentally sustainable programs. The first is a mill in India, using 100% recycled materials and supporting a community of women who hand-finish all recycled wool blankets. This focus on community has created new jobs and gives each blanket a personal, unique finish. The second Mill is based in Inner Mongolia and uses traditional, people-led farming methods, putting the people's and animal’s welfare first. They also work with local dyers, spinners, weavers, and finishers, which supports the village community and maintains end-to-end production transparency and control. Due to their climate and farming methods, this area is known for having the softest lambswool and cashmere worldwide and has allowed TBCo. to expand its range into the most beautifully gentle scarves and baby blankets.

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