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This visually rich cultural atlas of Seattle explores the mercurial nature of place through the lens of one of the fastest growing cities in America. Through both experiential and data-driven cartography, Seattleness lends itself to longtime residents, newcomers to the city, and those curious about the moody borough that has brought us airplanes, grunge, gourmet coffee, and e-commerce.
This illustrated book examines an expansive range of topics from UFO sightings to pinball legacies, gray skies to frontier psychology, strong women and strong coffee. Compelling infographic visuals emerge from deep dives into data, unraveling over 50 real and strange narratives about the green metropolis perched at the edge of the Salish Sea. 


A staff favorite! This book makes for an entertaining coffee table addition that provides a rich and interesting perspective about Seattle.
The perfect companion for tea time conversations or an after-dinner skim. An ideal gift for friends and family.




192 pages

author:Tera Hatfield (Author), Jenny Kempson (Author), Natalie Ross (Author), Tim Wallace (Foreword)


8.77 x 0.89 x 10.25 inches