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Happy New Year from Flora and Henri!



And now we welcome the New Year.
Full of things that have never been.
-Rainer Maria Rilke
The end of the year is always a busy time for us, and this year has been especially gratifying because we were able to meet so many of you at our Holiday Pop Up in Pioneer Square. We loved getting to know you and can’t thank you enough for trusting us to help you find the perfect gifts for the people you love.
As we say goodbye to 2016, we look to 2017 for even more opportunities to connect with you and make your life lovelier. Any little bit of beauty that we create for the world means that much more these days.

Out of This World Last Minute Gifts

The final sprint to Christmas and Hanukkah is on and while we’re sure you’ve been attending to your gift list all month long (maybe even since November) chances are there are a few names that still need checking off.


So, in the spirit of excellent last minute gifting, we offer up a thoughtful list of presents just perfect for the teacher, nanny, baby or otherwise challenging person to shop for in your life.



Wovenplay Star Featherband

Star light, star bright



Gray Star Barrette

For the fledgling super star



2017 Constellation Wall Calendar

For wishing upon a star all year round



Crumpled Sky Map: Spring/Summer or Autumn/Winter

Second star to the right, and straight on till morning 


Giant Star Puzzle

Be the hero: catch a falling star





Remodelista Market in PDX

We’re taking our show on the road this weekend, heading to the Remodelista Markets in Portland !

December 17 and 18, we’ll be at the Portland Rejuvenation light and lifestyle store (1100 SE Grand Ave, Portland, OR 97214) where we’ll join 40+ vendors from the Northwest for that city’s first annual Remodelista Market.


We are excited to be in Portland and would love to see you one and all!


You’re Invited to Our Holiday Party!


Our Holiday Pop Up is open and bursting with thoughtful and unique gifts for all ages. We’d love to see you here so we’re throwing a little soiree.


When: Thursday, December 1 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Where: 411 First Ave South in Pioneer Square
What: Prosecco, Turkish coffee, holiday nibbles and good cheer
Why: Lovely things shared with good friends makes life sweeter


And remember: It’s First Thursday Art Walk on December 1, which means that Pioneer Square stores and galleries will be showing off their stuff AND parking in certain lots is absolutely FREE!


Hygge for the Holidays


Have you heard of the Danish concept of hygge? It’s pronounced “heurga,” and while it’s hard to define in English, we think of it as “radical coziness.”


Winter is high time for hygge in Denmark, when endless winter descends and people look to soft lighting, blankets and warm mugs of hot mulled wine for comfort and pleasure.



Hygge represents a type of mindfulness and community that tends to get lost in early winter as the gift giving and shopping mania take hold. Hygge is curling up with a book in front of the fire; enjoying a candlelit meal with your family; savoring a pastry; or snuggling on the couch with a loved one under a soft blanket and just being together.



Beautifully scented candles, fleece-lined boots, warm quilts and soft sweaters serve to enhance your hygge experience, but in its essence, hygge is free. And once you start looking for it, you’ll begin to see opportunities for it everywhere.



(First photo by ej44 courtesy Wiki Commons)

Women We Love: The Dowager Duchess of Devonshire


High on our list of Most Admired Women sits Deborah Cavendish, the Dowager Duchess of Devonshire. Born Deborah Vivien Freeman-Mitford in 1920, the Duchess was the youngest of the six Mitford sisters, who were well-known English socialites of the 1930s and 40s. When she died at 94 in 2014, she was perhaps the only person who could say that she hosted the Kennedys, was a familiar of the Queen and a Prime Minister, and collected Elvis memorabilia.



As a child, the Duchess and her sisters grew up in grand, yet threadbare, homes where they conspired together while huddled in warm linen closets and mucked about the grounds in their Wellies. She developed a great love of chickens at age six, fiercely loved the countryside, and spent her life surrounded by dogs.


 Chatsworth House


Perhaps it was the faded glory of her childhood homes that inspired what the Duchess is most remembered for: restoring her husband’s ancestral estate, Chatsworth House—a grand English manor—and transforming it into a bastion of gracious living, a profitable tourist attraction and a booming cottage industry.


Her life was extraordinary. By all accounts she was wonderfully eccentric, quietly glamorous and endlessly devoted to the causes she held dear.


Photo by Bruce Weber


Some of our favorite quotes about the Duchess:


“She presided over the bread, cake, jam and chutney industries which grew up to feed the farm shop, which was described…as ‘every greedy child’s idea of what a shop should be’.” The Telegraph


“Her favourite reading matter was the British goat keepers’ monthly journal, Fancy Fowl magazine and Beatrix Potter.” The Telegraph


"Deborah Devonshire is not someone to whom one can say, 'Joking apart . . .' Joking never is apart: with her it's of the essence..." Stephen Moss, The Guardian


“Her hair is steely grey and voluminous; she is elegantly dressed in high-necked blouse, lemon cardigan and sensible skirt; on her left wrist, beside her watch, she has a band with a small red disc that I mistake for a bracelet; she tells me it is an alarm in case she has a fall, but that she likes to pretend the red button she has to activate is a ruby.” Stephen Moss, The Guardian


Happy Thanksgiving! Don’t forget to swing by our lovely Holiday Pop Up and enjoy some holiday shopping.

Come Visit our Holiday Pop Up in Pioneer Square

Starting Friday, November 25 and running through Christmas Eve, December 24, we’re opening a temporary Holiday Pop Up at the Merrill Place building at 411 1st Ave South in Pioneer Square adjacent to Intermezzo Carmine (which has the most divine fried olives, BTW). We’ll be open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily.


Our Holiday Pop Up will feature an expanded selection of gifts—in a range price points—from brands with a similar artistic vision as our own. In the midst of the big-box retail era, it’s our goal to offer a more personal shopping experience through a careful collection of inspired finds to mark our lives with thoughtfulness and beauty. We hope to see you there!


The new flora and henri product range includes



Wireless headphones from Danish design duo, Kreafunk ($190)



Artisanal British chocolate from Prestat ($25)



Assorted ceramics from Dutch potter Lenneke Wispelwey ($125-300)



Spherovelo ride-on toy for toddlers ($110)



Solid perfume from South Africa’s Frazer Parfum ($74)



Dolls from Northern California’s Jess Brown ($198-$234)


So come down to Pioneer Square and make a day of it. There is lots of great food, wine, coffee and shopping to be found here. Street parking is easy to find, and many lots offer low hourly rates or special evening and weekend flat rates. Also: Free parking on First Thursdays for Art Walk! Get the scoop here.


Even More Good News

We’re opening a brand new brick and mortar Concept Store, also in Pioneer Square (401 First Ave South in the Schwabacher Hardware Co. space on the corner of First Ave South and Jackson Street) in March 2017. Much like our Holiday Pop Up the new location will have a refined inventory of lifestyle products, women’s clothing, and gifts, along the very best of our children’s clothing, shoes and toy selection.

Five Questions With…Jane Hedreen

One thing runs through lifelong Seattleite, Jane Hedreen’s list of most-loved things: the unfettered beauty of simplicity. Be it the abundant inspiration she finds in nature; good, nourishing food enjoyed around the family table; the women in her life who have and continue to influence her; and Seattle itself, Jane draws on them all to design and curate an inventory for flora and henri that allows us all to experience the joy of simply beautiful things.

How do you describe your personal style?

In general, I am a bit sporty, and I like a natural look. I love light colors and textures, like beautiful vintage white embroidery or chunky luxurious soft knits. I am not big on multiple accessories. I like to keep it simple, everything well made and fresh. As a shopper, I prefer quality to quantity, always. I hope that describes what flora and henri feels like to others.


Estelle in sunlight

                                                       (daughter Estelle, New York) 

Who are your muses?

My 25-year-old daughter Estelle inspires me. She never thinks hard about anything and just throws it on and goes. Never too precious, she always looks beautiful, but it does not take up her time. She is simple, and elegant with an edge of street fashion. Her priority is getting out the door. That said, she always changes for dinner!


                                                 (grandma Nona circa 1945)

My grandmother Nona inspired me, as well. She was such a beautiful woman. She had the best instinct for colors and fabrics and always smelled of Shalimar. She was very Nordic looking with gorgeous fair hair and blue eyes. She wore the light colors that I like so much. She chose everything in her life carefully and nothing was disposable. It was meant to last forever.


Where do you look to for inspiration?

Nature, nature, nature and travel. I love to be outdoors and the more remote the better. My mind gets clear and I feel inspired by the majesty of it. But even on an average day, stopping by the dahlia garden or seeing a blue heron at the fishpond in Volunteer Park while on a run can change my whole outlook. Then, on the flip side, I can’t love being in Amsterdam or Paris or Madrid more. The ages of good design layered one generation on top of the other, is so energizing. Again, it is textures and colors for me. When working on design, I like to look back at vintage fashion and find the details that make the difference. I have a fashion crush on one of our favorite customers, Olya Thompson, and seeing her style always delights me.


(Olya Thompson, Photo: Gueorgui Pinkhassov)



How do you choose what to carry at flora and henri?  

I don't carry anything at flora and henri that I wouldn’t have for myself. In fact, the origins of our live and love product line were the things I live with at home that inspire me. I wanted to carry those objects and offer the gifts I need for the loves in my life. It’s all very personal and there is a story about everyone who creates the products we carry. I like to curate beautiful things.   




Describe your perfect meal.

Oh I love this question! My perfect meal is at home with family and friends. My husband is an amazing and generous cook who has created a household of abundantly delicious meals for all who know us. I asked for sole meunière for my birthday with little yellow wax potatoes and asparagus and he made it perfectly. But this time of year, I like his sugar glazed Korean beef that we all sit around and pull apart and wrap in lettuce leaves and dip in magical sauces. Meals are honored and about so much for us.    


(Dave's chicken fricasse)


Bonus: What do you love about Seattle?

Can I keep talking about food? There is so much delicious food here created by original, inspired and genius people. So much about warmth and friendship and communication and love comes with a perfect coffee, a glass of wine or a lovely meal. We are not a downtown city; we are a city of neighborhoods and each has such a unique feeling and flavor. My life on Capitol Hill for the past 20 years, has felt so rich and textured. I also love the water and the mountains. I can be driving down the street to look up and see the sun rising or setting with the mountains and the ferries, and I know this is part of who I am and where I came from.


Flora and Henri come to Seattle!

post ~ September 30, 2016


How did it happen that one day in February I received the most charming of emails…


We are from Germany and the names of our children are: Flora and Henri! Henri is 7 and Flora 4. This summer we will be travelling along the West coast and we plan to stop by at your store around August 12. My wife discovered your website by coincidence.

We also have another daughter: Tilda (1 year) but you do not need to add her name to your store name :).


Yes, it is true that Flora and Henri (and Tilda) paid us a visit!

We are so honored to have come in contact with such a truly lovely family with a heart for connection and coincidence that matched ours. When they left Seattle, and not without Henri leaving me a beautiful gift of his own German carved wooden hand-puppets, (in honor of the Henri’s toys section of our website) we sent them off with swimsuits and playclothes for their RV adventure down the coast to San Francisco. Their father, clearly with a knack for the camera, captured some amazing photos to share with us:

We are so grateful for the connection of one Flora and Henri family with another. At the end of their visit, they met up with famed flora and henri photographer, Stephanie Rausser, in Petaluma to capture the moment. Stay tuned for our next post.

We are filled with such deep affection for the Gunter family!



post ~ May 20, 2016

Paris Inspired Greeting Cards!

post ~ April 22, 2016
new from
Ferme à Papier
design and stationery company based in San Francisco,
bringing artistic greeting cards that are eco-friendly, 100% PCW and Chlorine free.
Cat Seto is a San Francisco-based artist, author, shop-owner, and the founder / creative director of Ferme à Papier. She conceived of the Ferme collection when she visited Paris for the first time and was overtaken by the intimate architecture, chic Parisians donning plaid, and visits to bio-dynamic farms in the countryside.

Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed

Loving this collection of 'Dear Sugar' columns by the transcendent Cheryl Strayed.  Her wisdom, humor and compassionately sound advice on matters that span the heart and mind offer up a smart and quiet and thoughtful island in this ever changing, crazy making world.