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Father's Day Gift Ideas by Guest Blogger, Godfried Addae

June 15, 2017 3 min read

We couldn't be more delighted to host guest blogger, Godfried Addae, to offer up his list of favorite Father's Day gifts for 2017!  We were lucky enough to have him stop by our *new* store at 401 1st Ave South, Seattle, WA in Pioneer Square and shop our men's section.  Read on to be inspired by his fantastic suggestions for that perfect item for your Papa!

As Father's Day approaches, some of us might still be scrambling to find that last minute gift. I justify my procrastination with the notion that it must be perfect. A gift that genuinely conveys my gratitude for the man who taught me how to tie a Four in Hand knot, shine my shoes, and iron my clothes before I turned 12. Unbeknownst to me, he was grooming me into a kempt and stylish gentleman. Which makes sense since that’s what fathers do, they teach, nurture, and guide.

I consider my father to be sensible, intelligent, and worldly. I immediately noticed these qualities reflected in the thoughtful product curation of Flora and Henri. Much like my father, this brand embodies bringing family together and creating memories. Thankfully, this makes the job at hand infinitely easier. While I have yet to nail down the exact gift(s), this is my shortlist:

Derek Rose Men's Classic Fit Pajama (Plaza) – Just like a navy polka dot tie, the design is classic and timeless. My dad has always worn pajamas as he channeled his inner Cary Grant on weekend and Christmas mornings. Construction is 100% pure cotton, lightweight, and breathable contributing to a great sleeping experience. $275

Lunch At The Shop – During grade school, my dad would occasionally make my sandwich for lunch. A research scientist by training, he took the liberty of combining everything he found in the refrigerator. This experimentation led to a mystery in every bite resulting in some lunches being more enjoyable than others. However, his effort was what I appreciated. Effort is the essence of Peter Miller’s book. Lunch At The Shop explores and celebrates the reprieve of the midday meal and the opportunity to unplug and savor both food and fellowship, $24.95

Brass Bookmark – My dad loves to read and feed his mind. Being the avid reader that he is, I’m sure he will finish Peter Miller’s book in one sitting. In the unlikely event that he doesn’t, he will need this bookmark to indicate where he stopped. Simple yet functional design, the stylish brass construction has clever engraving that will nudge him to take a break, make a sandwich, and continue the show later. $14

XI Four In A Row – A modern take on a classic. This could easily double as art thanks to the stylish wood construction. A great way to connect with the old man while discussing soccer, current affairs, and when grandchildren will start magically appearing. $75

Nontron Pocket Knife – Pardoning the Swiss for a second, this pocket knife from is a masterclass in French artisanal design. The boxwood alone that is used for the handle is left to air dry for five years before being shaped and hand decorated! My dad being a man who likes to take his time to do things right, the design and utility of this pocket knife captures this same spirit, $168

My goal with gifts is always to delight the recipient by encapsulating a great memory or experience within the gift. I firmly believe that the best gifts are less about the item or cost and more about the what they represent. Simply stated, it is the thought that counts. As you search for this gift or the next, take a moment to think through memories, conversations, and experiences. I guarantee that the stress will subside, and options will become clear.

Happy Father’s Day to all you current and future dads out there. Thank you for all that you do!

-Godfried Addae


Godfried Addae is personal branding and men’s style expert. His mission is to help men put their best foot forward through their appearance, behavior, and communication. He believes that when you look your best, you feel your best, and ultimately put your best self forward personally and professionally. Godfried is also a menswear designer focusing on custom suits, blazers, shirts and formal wear. Find him on Instagram @mr.godfried