Testimonial 12

" If you miss the days when shopping in the city was truly an experience, you need to check out the new flora and henri store in Pioneer Square."

Testimonial 11

"  They even have honeycomb bath towels that you never knew you needed and suddenly have to have." -- Sydney

Testimonial 10

"  I love the heirloom quality of their goods, and that every piece will tell a story if you let it."

Testimonial 9

" I spent the morning dreaming of every occasion that these magical pieces would be a part of the history of my life." -- Kirsty

Testimonial 8

"By focusing on boutique brands with a similar aesthetic, flora and henri has found a way to curate a gorgeous assortment of products while also supporting like-minded brands that believe in timeless quality and craftsmanship." -- Sydney, Seattle fashion blogger @ Sydneylovesfashion

Testimonial 7

We love Flora & Henri! -- customer

Testimonial 6

"Love it, love it." --Susannah

Testimonial 3

"Thank you for offering the most beautiful children's clothing on the web. I have searched long and hard and you are my very favorite. I wish that I lived closer, so that I could stop in your shop. Your clothes outlast seasons. They are timeless. They are so carefully and elegantly made, that I can hand them down to my younger daughter. Kudos to you for your impeccable style sense. It is amazing to me. Can you dress me too?" --Cynthia, CA

Testimonial 2

"One of the finest clothing boutiques in the region." --Zagat's NYC 2007 guide customer

Testimonial 1

"I am a Flora & Henri customer for years! I saw the tinsel dresses in last years movie, The Holiday, with Cameron Diaz, Jude Law and Kate Winslet. I guess you guys are big time now. It always takes LA a few years to catch up with the hip trends..." --Jill