Collection: CURIONOIR


CURIONOIR make extrait de parfum creating fragrances that evoke the tangible in a world of sensory intangibles. The extrait de parfum is rich, dense and long-lasting on the skin. A distinct language to impart the sense of smell.

Experience the extrait de parfum in three unique ways, the 4ml pocket parfum, the 50ml bottle, and by virtue of the collaboration with Monmouth glass studio, a custom-designed decanter. These bottles are unique works of art and truly bring the olfactory experience to present life.

Inspired by the apothecary of yesteryear, curio glass is a range of individually hand-blown colored glass candles. Each piece is crafted in New Zealand, one at a time, so no two pieces are ever exactly the same. Each piece is finished with a CURIONOIR stamp reminiscent of wax seals of old. All candles tell an inspired story and are scented with a unique perfume created by tiffany jeans.

The creator of CURIONOIR Tiffany Jeans has lived a unique life. Born into a family of strong, creative women, and an uncle she believed was a warrior, she grew up immersed in Maori culture. Her memories are of taonga (vaguely, a treasured possession in the Maori culture) celebrated for their simplicity as much as their complexity, and the discovery of a rich heritage that looks beyond the mundane.