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Seattle Quilt Ivory

 Now introducing the Seattle Quilt from Haptic Lab!  This special quilt is carefully crafted by hand features a unique, quilted design. It's designed for warmth and breathability, so you'll stay cozy all night long.



Why Quilts?
Quilts are tactile objects that absorb and accumulate our love. They are generational objects, heirlooms passed down within families as a way to keep our stories alive and familiar. The act of quilting is an act of love - a quilt is a talisman that protects and comforts when we're at our most vulnerable - in our sleep. The texture and warmth of a quilt conjures memories of home, and for some commemorate life's big moments: birth, marriage, and coming of age.

Quilts are functional as bedding and as art, an unusual intersection for a household craft that has been predominantly seen as women's work. The value of a handmade quilt lies not just in the beauty of the piece, but in its sentimental value. These treasured keepsakes tell our stories, and a quilted map provides the scaffolding on which the story is held into focus: Haptic Lab quilts become a snapshot of a moment in time in a world that is rapidly changing.


100% Organic Cotton

Designed in Brooklyn, handmade by our partners in India

Roads and ocean topography are entirely hand-stitched



    For best quilt care, please machine wash cold on a gentle cycle, then tumble dry at the lowest sitting (or lay flat to air dry).


     50"x 72"